SGLT1 - Sugar transport and binding

SGLT1 Figure 1   pss vs ss

Icon N1   SURFE2R N1 data and applications:

Short Description: Na+/sugar translocation is detected using a sugar concentration jump in presence of sodium. In absence of sodium, we found a pre steady-state signal, representing sugar binding. Under these conditions, no transport is observed. 
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Background and Assay Description: We performed a single solution exchange workflow by applying a 50 mM D-glucose concentration jump, either in presence or in absence of Na+. We have used 50 mM Mannitol in the substrate-free solution as compensation.

Impact of the data: The current amplitude increases significantly when sodium is available. In absence of sodium a sugar binding current is observed, reflecting an electrogenic conformational transition within SGLT1. Under these conditions, no transport is observed.

Author: Nanion Technologies
Target: SGLT1, SLC5A1
Family/Type: SLC5, Solute:Sodium Symporter Family (SSSF, TCDB: 2.A.21)
Mode of transport:
Na+/sugar symport
Organism: Human
Sample: Purified membrane vesicles from plasma membrane
Expression: Recombinant overexpression in CHO cells
Platform:   Icon N1   SURFE²R N1


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