2002 - Activity of single ion channel proteins detected with a planar microstructure

icon pap  Port-a-Patch publication in Applied Physics Letters (2002)

Fertig N., Klau M., George M., Blick R.H., Behrends J.C.

APL (2002) 81(25): 4865-67


We present recordings of currents mediated by single ion channel proteins obtained using planar, microstructured glass chips. In these chips, pores with diameters of 1–2 m are produced by iontrack etching and are used for patch clamping instead of using the classical micropipette. Our results represent success in using such devices to record from single channels in cell membranes. Theplanar chip greatly enhances the accessibility of the ion channel containing membrane and can serveas a workbench for experiments on single ion channels using combinations of patch clamp current recording with other single molecule techniques.

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